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Hello all! the cakebee store is here :)

  • By Nikhil B
  • • Oct 20, 2016

Four not so obvious reasons why we have opened a store in spite of being the pioneer in selling cakes online. This is a throwback on our first blog which talked about why we do not have an outlet.

 A typical conversation that we have had over the nine months since launch goes something like this:

Customer: Hello CakeBee! What do you have other than cakes? We love your cakes. Why not launch other bakery products?

Your Friend at CakeBee: Our minimum delivery order value is Rs.350. A lot of our products do not meet this requirement. However, we can definitely do bulk orders.

This got us thinking and we were wondering if we really needed to have a store. If yes, what can we offer that cannot be done online?  

1 Choice, choice & more choice

While our online offering had a huge variety and flavor of cakes, we did not offer any other bakery products. A majority of them was not feasible for delivery and whatever was feasible for delivery in terms of quantity was not really needed by the customers. A store can solve for this. We can offer a huge variety of products that we were perfectly capable of producing in the best of quality & taste. From Bread to cookies, Cake jars to pastries, Sandwiches to Pizzas, we have it all.

2 Live Baking

Our huge emphasis has always been on offering the freshest of products. Our scales work in a very different way. While science will tell us a product will not expire for a certain number of days, we reduce it by at least half when we plan production. This enables to not use preservatives and provide the healthiest of products. Also, we have an imported live baking counter in our store where most of our products are baked fresh during regular intervals in the day so that when you walk in, most of the products you see are always fresh.

3 The Experience

A wise man once said “Seeing is deceiving. It’s eating that is believing”. He probably said it when he wanted to order bakery products online. While our site is one of the best and the photos are out of the world, you will still have questions about our taste. After all, cakes are for special occasions and there is no way you can go wrong with that. A store makes it so much easier to walk in, experience the product so that when you order the next time, you have developed complete faith in the product that you will be receiving.

4 Your Savior

How many times have you wanted to just pick up a cake because you had forgotten to plan earlier? Because you had been really busy? Because you feel it is more convenient? A store definitely solves for it. While our online offering has a lead time of 2 hours, you can just walk into our store and pick from the available cakes. We are still obsessed about freshness and replenish our stocks twice daily in the store as well. While the options in the store may be less from a design perspective, you will still have a choice of flavors that will suit you for such last minute purchases.

Visit the CakeBee Store in Saibaba Colony. It’s opposite to Boomerang and tagged on google maps as well. The link for the same is https://goo.gl/maps/ngPaazocr9v . Do visit us and provide your feedback as a comment to this post. We will look forward to it.

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